With Henry Fiat's Open Sore's latest full length blast of primed-up retardo punk entitled "The Parallel Universe of ..." already crawling like a mongoloid cat burglar into the underwear drawers of people's minds all across this great land of ours, it seems like a good time to remind you ungrateful little pukes that it was Wormblower that single-handedly introduced HFOS to the unaware lumped mass of Americans that were too busy watching "Joe Millionaire" to realize that an ungodly band of monstrous proportions had arisen in the Nordic lands. Yep, we not only brought you their very first American interview over one year ago, but we're following up here with a brand new interview - packed as always with unflinching, probing questions that cut to the meat of the matter.

You may not realize it now, but you owe us one. Like the way you "owe" that older buddy who, once upon a time, taught you about things like drinking beer and masturbating.

One day you'll thank us. In the mean time, go out and buy the new HFOS cd. And bask in the radiant knowledge that you own something that the Hilton Sisters would absolutely hate.

- Aphid Peewit

Henry Fiat's Open Sore's
latest CD
"The Parallel Universe of..."


PEEWIT: Are you the heir to the famous Fiat car company fortune? If so, are you an overly-pampered, badly-behaved jet-setter like the Paris Hilton? Is there possibly a sex video of yours that's about to surface?

FIAT: Yeah we are all bastard sons of Agnetti.

PEEWIT: I read something somewhere about a recent incident involving HFOS and a burned up car at an event called "Mongofest." What is Mongofest and just what happened there?

FIAT: Yeah! Our van burnt to a cinder after a tour of Finland. We had just gotten off a 12 hour overnight ferryride when the fuckin' thing went up in flames. Pure luck it didn't happen on the ferry in the middle of the night. A mongofest is when bands like The Pricks, HFOS and the Local Oafs get together and throw abuse at each other. It is helpful if some drummer dresses up in full leprechaun regalia.

PEEWIT: On your brand new album "The Parallel Universe Of" you do a cover of the Damn's "Problem Child." Is the first time you've covered someone else's song? I thought I read somewhere that some of the songs on "Hits Mot Folkgrupp" are covers.

FIAT: The cover songs are "Du är inte du" by Missbrukarna and "Dinga Linga Lena" by Pugh Rogefeldt. Pugh's first album is from 1969 and he was the first artist that sang rocknroll in Swedish. "Dinga Linga Lena" was made in 1974. You can easily find the song on Soulseek or Kazaa. Missbrukarna is an old Swedish punk band from the 80s. A great band. Check them out. Pretty sure you can find some songs on Soulseek. They didn't record that much actually. One demo tape and a split single, which is very expensive these days. Haven't got it.

PEEWIT: Rumors continue to circulate about the masked members of HFOS. For example it is said that members of HFOS are also in several other bands. Bands like Skelett, Tokyo Knives, Rancid Hell Spawn, etc. Is there any truth to that or is this unfounded gossip?

FIAT: Don Wanna's been in a few other bands such as Skelett and The Tokyo Knives. Rancid Hell Spawn is Charlie from Wrench Records project, and has nothing to do with us.

PEEWIT: On your official website you have links to several bands, including the Maggots, the Turpentines and the Pricks. Are these bands friends of yours or are they HFOS side projects?

FIAT: All bands with links on our site is either friends, relation or employees.



PEEWIT: In a couple of the songs on the new album a character named "Crazy Jimmy" shows up. Is Jimmy real and, if so, who is he?

FIAT: Jimmy's a local celebrity, skateboarder and all-round nut case. He's also the only person outside of HFOS that appears on both "Idiotia Hyperactiva" and "Parallel Universe Of HFOS."

PEEWIT: There is a picture of you (Henry) in the new album and in it you have a small button on your left breast pocket. It's slightly blurred out, so I can't quite make it out. But does it say "HEINO"? Are you a Heino fan? Is there a Swedish equivilent of Heino?

FIAT: Who the fuck is Heino? The badge says Henry as far as I know.

PEEWIT: Lyrically HFOS has always been sexually ambiguous. Here in America "Gay Chic" is very popular now. Is HFOS riding the hot new "metro-sexual" wave?

FIAT: Yeah, homo, hetero, metro, bi, whatever! HFOS are decathlonists of the world of erotica.

PEEWIT: In the song "Wrong Direction" you state: "Now I'm appearing in porno films and wearing a chicken suit." Sweden is thought by many Americans to have a booming porn industry. Are you actually appearing in porno films? If so, what are the titles and are they available over here? Did you know that Rob Halford appeared in porno films before he became singer of Judas Priest?

FIAT: Thanks to Fred, Henry's a sexual spastic.

PEEWIT: You also have a new song called "Chicken McIdiot" that celebrates McDonald's restaurants and the food they serve. Here in America, McDonald's advertises with a group of lovable characters who inhabit a place called McDonaldland. They have names like Mayor McCheese and the Hamburglar. Do you have McDonaldland characters in Sweden? If so, who's your favorite? Is there a Swedish Ronald McDonald?

FIAT: We don't have McDonaldland in Sweden. We do have Småland and that's close enough. Ted Bundy impersonators we have plenty though.

PEEWIT: Now that you have 3 full lengths released in the US, along with several 7 inches, have any American bands contacted you about possibly touring with them? If so, who?

FIAT: I dont know. Do you think Ikettes are up for it?

PEEWIT: I saw on the internet that on Novemeber 29 HFOS is going to be in Aland with Bad Monkey to celebrate "Lilla Jul." My Swedish isn't very good but is that "Little Christmas"? What do you have planned for the celebration?

FIAT: I'm most impressed that you know Swedish. Lilla jul is something that youngsters like us invented so that we get to celebrate that geek Jesus twice.

PEEWIT: Is "reality television" big in Scandinavia like it is here? Have the gentlemen in HFOS ever been approached to do an "Osbournes-esque" reality show based on your daily/nightly real life antics? Perhaps titled "The Sores"?

FIAT: Reality TV is huge in Sweden. If I remember correctly "Survivor" is a Swedish invention. We have already dreamed up a reality show for HFOS. It's called "Kid Brother". And in it a bunch of young trendy hopefuls get to experience what it is to be a younger sibling to an open sore. Needless to say - they get fully aquainted with the HFOS penal system. The winner recieves a new rectum.



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