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Henry Fiat's Open Sore: the new interview with Henry Fiat...
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It's new, really. Well, new as of Spring '09.
Stay tuned for more additions to the site, that is, if we get our shit together.


Not being ones to bow to convention or kow-tow to consensus realities pounded down our throats by politicos, clergy and media bullies alike, we here at Wormblower have our own way of paying attention to the comings and the goings of the seasons. For us, the time roughly spanning from the Spring Equinox (Mar 21) to the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) is what we call "summer vacation." We are just now getting back from summer vacation.

Waiting for the snow to fly before coming back from summer vacation seems appropriate for Wormblower because, lest we forget, this time of the year was known, back in the toddler years of our country, as the "Season of Misrule" - an annual collapse of the social order that gave rise to excessive reveling, mad mirth, and roving bands of drunken obnoxious scoundrels called "Mummers." Not to mention that, even before Misrule, it was this same time of year that those bawdy Romans doffed their clothing and wallowed in the orgiastic decadence of their Saturnalia feasts.

Sure, on the surface it may appear that things have changed since those unruly times, but we're banking a ghost of an idea that, underneath it all, it hasn't. They may try to choke the wild heart of chaos that still just barely beats at this time of year with strings of blinking lights and they may try to wallpaper over it with soothing platitudes and they may try to block it out with big stupid inflatable Snoopy Santa light-up lawn ornaments, but it's there, just waiting for cretins like us to come along with our jumper cables and jolt it back to lustful life.

So - like it or not - we're back from summer vacation, just in time to fan the flames of misrule and merriment. The Mummers have returned. And we come bearing gifts; to start, a brand new interview with the charming Henry Fiat and a brand new Mr. Stick cartoon (the first since '98 and one that is unusually topical - but only accidentally so...) Enjoy. More will be coming: new reviews, features, interviews, cartoons, smut, etc. So check back with us soon and often; because before you know it, it'll be late March and our "GONE FISHIN'" sign will be up on our office door again.

And so, as Little Cindy-Lou Who observed, God Confound Us, Everyone!

Your Faithful Friend and Servant,
Uncle Aphid,
The Isle of Misfit Toys


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